National Showcase 2019 to be Held This Week in Wenatchee, Washington


(7/29/19) - National Showcase 2019, hosted by the Wenatchee Figure Skating Club, will be held July 31 to Aug. 4 in Wenatchee, Washington. Competitors will vie for titles in dramatic entertainment, light entertainment, extemporaneous improvisation, duets, mini production and production ensembles.

National Showcase fuses artistic creativity with figure skating, providing a unique combination of artistry and athleticism. The competition is considered a festival of inspiration, and all skaters who qualify are encouraged to participate. Participants include singles skaters, duets, small ensembles of three to seven skaters and large production numbers of eight to 30. Practice sessions will be held Wed., July 31, with competition beginning Thursday morning at the Town Toyota Center.

Competitors qualify for the event by placing in the top four at any showcase/theatrical/interpretive event at sanctioned, nonqualifying competitions in the United States held from the close of entries at National Showcase 2018 to the close of entries for this event. Skaters also earn a spot to compete by placing in the top four at National Showcase the previous year.

This year’s competition includes 343 individual skaters and 100 duets/teams from across the country competing in 728 starts during this event.

Events exceeding 15 entrants will include a final round to determine a champion in that category. The highest placed skaters from each preliminary group will participate in the final round of competition. Winners in each event compete in the Parade of Champions, where an overall champion is named in five disciplines (Parade of Champions, Junior Parade Champions, Parade of Duet Champions, Parade of Interpretive Champions and Parade of Adult Champions).