Compete USA Competition Series

The Compete USA Competition Series was created to offer our Compete USA skaters the opportunity to participate in multiple Compete USA Competitions. The Compete USA Competition Series continues to be a huge success for beginning skaters and their families in many areas of the country. The format of a series is at least three or more local competitions joining forces and sharing one standard announcement, and all participating skaters earning points for their placements, which are totaled up throughout the series (loosely modeled after the ISU Grand Prix Series). During the last competition of the series, the top three point-earners in each level receive an additional award for their participation. The Compete USA Series promotes a fun and positive competitive experience for our Learn to Skate USA skaters that are just entering the sport of figure skating.


Some additional benefits to the series are the collaboration of the participating programs and clubs on the master schedule, allowing skaters and their families to plan their travels as soon as the announcement is posted with the competition dates and locations within the series. The competitions in a series share one standard, consistent announcement so skaters, coaches and judges know exactly what is expected of them in each level at each event. Programs and clubs advertise and support each other and, hopefully, earn a profit from a well-attended competition.

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Compete USA Series Competitions

July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018 0 10th Annual U.S. Figure Skating Illinois Learn to Skate USA Series

If you would like to learn more about organizing a Compete USA Series in your area, please contact Maureen Dalton at or Kimberly Berry Hines at It only takes three Learn to Skate USA to get it going, and many, many benefits will be realized!


"We have found these competitions to be well organized, staffed with exceptionally helpful and friendly volunteers, and very affordable for beginning skaters. It has also been extremely helpful to have consistent guidelines within these competitions. My daughter has been able to practice her free skate, compulsory and artistic showcase events, and see improvements with each competition. She has been able to spend her time learning and perfecting her skills rather than creating new programs for each competition."

- Jenifer VanZanten

"I want to thank everyone that helped put together the Michigan Basic Skills Series finale competition in Midland--it ran very smoothly and seamlessly. I really loved the sound system and want to thank the announcer of the awards--she did a great job and made each and every skater feel important."

- Coach Linda Groza