The structure of U.S. Figure Skating is built around a strong volunteer community and a dedicated staff of employees at U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters in Colorado Springs.

The leadership of the organization is centered on the Board of Directors, which consists of the president, three vice presidents, secretary, treasurer three athlete members, two coaching members, and four group coordinators.

The volunteer constituency formulates U.S. Figure Skating policy, and the staff works to carry out those policies and administer the day-to-day duties of the organization.

Board of Directors

President Patricia St. Peter
Midwestern VP (1st) Sam Auxier
Pacific Coast VP (2nd) Hal Marron
Eastern VP (3rd) Kathaleen Cutone
Secretary Heather Nemier
Treasurer Warren Naphtal
Athlete Member Lindsey Weber
Athlete Member Mark Ladwig
Athlete Member Cathleen Renzi
Athlete Member Pilar Bosley
Coaching Member Ben Miller
Coaching Member Karen Kwan-Oppegard
Administrative/Legal Group Coordinator Gretchen Bonnie
Athlete Services Group Coordinator Justin Dillon
Membership Development Group Coordinator Lainie DeMore
Technical Group Coordinator Wendy Enzmann

Committee Chairs

Committee Chair
Adult Skating Gail Sombati
Athlete Development Kim Heim
Athletes Advisory Lindsey Weber
Audit Winston Burbank
Coaches Alex Chang
Collegiate Program Katherine Specht
Compensation Hal Marron
Competitions Lynn Goldman
Dance Julia Rey
Ethics Jacklyn Ward Vargo
Finance Warren Naphtal
Grievance Steve Wolkin
International Anne Cammett
International Judges & Officials Jenny Mast
Judges Kathleen Harmon
Membership Alan Wolf
Memorial Fund Susan Bonn
Pairs Troy Goldstein
Parents Linda Ogawa
Program Development Mary-Elizabeth Wightman
RulesLinda Chihara
Sanctions & EligibilityMelissa Dillenbeck
SelectionsLorrie Parker
SinglesAnn Barr
Special Olympics/Therapeutic SkatingJean Fahmie
Sports Sciences & MedicineJennifer Burke
State GamesBonnie Boaz
Strategic PlanningTerri Levine
SynchronizedRobin Greenleaf
Technical PanelDana Graham
Tests Diana Wisner
Theatrical Skating Roland Bessette

Special Committees

Committee Chair
Events Advisory BoardBob Dunlop
Halls of FameDr. Lawrence Mondschein
NominatingJohn Cole


Permanent Committee Chairs: The chairs of the permanent committees are appointed by the president upon the recommendation of the Nominating Committee.

Special Committees: The president, with the concurrence of the Board of Directors, may from time to time designate and appoint or abolish special committees and chairs thereof and special offices and officers, each with such duties as may be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors or by the president with the concurrence of the Board of Directors.

Athlete Representation: At least 20 percent of all committees, subcommittees, task forces and all other types of legislative bodies, including the Governing Council, whether permanent, special, ad hoc or otherwise, shall consist of individuals who are athletes as defined in Article XXIII, Section 2.

Formation of Rules: Each permanent committee has the duty of formulating rules for the matters within its jurisdiction and of keeping said rules current and up-to-date. Any rule changes formulated therein shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for action, and no rules or changes therein shall be effective until approved and published.