Sports Sciences and Medicine

Jurisdiction: the application of basic and clinical sciences throughout the figure skating community in order to promote and advance skater health, accelerate athlete development and prevent injury. Subsidiary purposes include:

  • To collect, develop and adapt scientific, clinical and athlete training information for the benefit of figure skaters and the sport of figure skating; to provide clinical and educational support to athlete development

  • To provide or ensure adequate clinical support for U.S. Figure Skating championships and other U.S. Figure Skating sponsored skating events

  • To carry out obligations and manage responsibilities with respect to USOC and ISU medical requirements

  • To disseminate sports science information throughout the figure skating community

  • To facilitate access for skaters, coaches, rink managers and others to well-qualified professional services in sports science, sports medicine and related clinical and educational fields

  • To guide national programs with special clinical content

Ellen Geminiani

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