Jurisdiction: the conduct and control of all U.S. Figure Skating figure skating competitions on ice held in the United States, including the selection of officials therefore; the granting of sanctions therefore, except the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and international competitions, sanctions for which shall be granted by the Board of Directors of U.S. Figure Skating; and the appointment, promotion, demotion, removal, education, conduct, qualification and performance of referees and accountants.

Chair: John Cole

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Officials Selections for Qualifying Competitions

For the latest officials selections for qualifying competitions, log in to the Members Only site and click on the link titled "Qualifying Comp Officials" in the "Member" box.

Technical Panel Committee Conflict of Interest Regulations, Policies & Procedures

2014-15 Committee Members

National Vice Chair for 6.0 Competitions - Lynn Goldman
National Vice Chair for Accountants - Edward Mann
National Vice Chair for Adult Skating - Lexi Rohner
National Vice Chair for Announcers - Ann O'Keefe
National Vice Chair for Collegiate Skating - Katherine Specht
National Vice Chair for Ice Technicians - David Gagnon
National Vice Chair for Music - Jim Chen
National Vice Chair for Referees - Nancy Iida
National Vice Chair for Special Projects - John Marasco
National Vice Chair for Synchronized Skating - Robert Bauer
National Vice Chair for Theatrical Skating - Roland Bessette
Central Pacific Region Vice Chair - Richard Perez
Eastern Great Lakes Region Vice Chair - Barry Doren
New England Region Vice Chair - Gerald Miele
North Atlantic Region Vice Chair - Ilana Prusock
Northwest Pacific Region Vice Chair - Charlene Tagas
South Atlantic Region Vice Chair - Susan Miller
Southwest Region Vice Chair - Lynn Bell
Southwest Pacific Region Vice Chair - Julie Anne Keen
Upper Great Lakes Region Vice Chair - Kristin Arneson Cutler - email changed
Eastern Section Vice Chair - Allison Duarte
Eastern Vice Chair for Accountants - E. Michael Elmaleh
Eastern Section Vice Chair for Synchronized Skating - Ann Buckley
Midwestern Section Vice Chair - Kathleen Krieger
Midwestern Section Vice Chair for Accountants - Shirley Rego
Midwestern Section Vice Chair for Synchronized Skating - Charles Cope
Pacific Coast Section Vice Chair - Kathleen Harmon
Pacific Coast Vice Chair for Accountants - Bryan Keller
Pacific Coast Vice Chair for Synchronized Skating - Mary Ann Wilcox

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