U.S. Figure Skating Announces Collegiate Championship Award Program

(4/23/2015) - U.S. Figure Skating continues with the Collegiate Championship Award Program that was developed in 2010 to assist current, eligible collegiate figure skaters who compete at the U.S. Collegiate Figure Skating Championships.

Emanating from The Pioneer Fund, which has an established endowment of $250,000, the $13,500 annual Collegiate Championship Award will be presented annually at the U.S. Collegiate Championships, Aug. 12-14 in Lansing, Mich.

The annual $13,500 contribution funds two $5,000 awards: one for the senior ladies champion and one for the senior men's champion; one $2,500 award for the senior ladies silver medalists and one $1,000 award for the senior ladies bronze medalist at the U.S. Collegiate Championships each year.

Started in 1986, the U.S. Collegiate Figure Skating Championships is the longest-running program in the country for collegiate skaters. The competition, held each August, is for junior- and senior-level skaters who are either enrolled in college full time, high school graduates enrolled full time for the fall semester or recent college graduates having finished the previous May.

"U.S. Figure Skating is greatly appreciative of The Pioneer Fund and its continued support of figure skating athletes at every level," said David Raith, executive director of U.S. Figure Skating. "This gift helps give U.S. Figure Skating collegiate athletes the opportunity to prepare for the future while recognizing their success on the ice."

The Pioneer Fund is a private family foundation, established in the 1960s by the late Helen M. McLoraine. Influenced by her mother's dedication to philanthropy, McLoraine became a generous benefactor to others with a focus on figure skating, higher education assistance and medical research. McLoraine's most cherished pastime was the sport of figure skating, and she attended many competitions, events and skating shows all over the world each year.

Since 2009, The Pioneer Fund has established two scholarship programs to support U.S. Figure Skating athletes: the Helen M. McLoraine Figure Skating Scholarship, which assists eligible current and former amateur and professional figure skaters who wish to pursue a college education, and the Collegiate Championship Award Program. The Pioneer Fund also ensured the continuation of the Scholastic Honors Program through the establishment of an endowment in 2009.

To learn more about these programs, or how to make a gift to U.S. Figure Skating, click the "Donate" tab or contact Emma Repp, Coordinator of Giving Programs, erepp@usfigureskating.org or 719.228.3424.

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