Sports Medicine and Science Research Grants

Selection Process
Sports Science and Medicine grant applications are scored both quantitatively and qualitatively, including evaluations on scientific merit, impact and likelihood of meeting U.S. Figure Skating's current research demands. Applications with the highest scores are awarded grants. All applicants receive scoring feedback. Primary investigators must be officially affiliated with a United States research institution.
U.S. Figure Skating is proud to offer Sports Science and Medicine research grants to support research related to the application of sports science and medicine in competitive figure skating in the United States.

Categories of Awards

Awards are typically available in the following categories:

Competitive Non-Restricted Grant - Traditional hypothesis-driven research related to modifications of existing theories, equipment or modalities

Technology Grant - Research related to the development of new technologies for supporting the training and/or assessment of figure skaters; plans for mass production of individual-use technology required

Exploratory Seed Grant - Pilot research

Grants Awarded

2007-08 Program Awards:
"How Do Jump Type, Repetitive Jumping and Muscular Strength Affect Tibial Shock in Takeoff and Landing Legs of Competitive Skaters?"
Primary investigator: Kat Arbour, University of Delaware ($10,838)

2008-09 Program Awards:
Grants for this program year have not yet been awarded.

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