High School Programs

Mixing school with the many hours of training you do for figure skating is difficult, but it's not impossible. Skaters have managed to balance skating and studies for years, and the two are compatible. However, it's important to avail yourself of the many resources available to you. U.S. Figure Skating supports your athlete through the School Programs Subcommittee of the Program Development Committee. Here you will find information about high school teams and upcoming competitions as well as other resources to improve your experience as a skater and a student.


U.S. Figure Skating's Program Development Committee is offering a pilot High School Final Competition in April, 2015. The purpose of this event is to encourage and create more competitive participation opportunities for student-athletes throughout high school. Any registered high school team with current school-affiliated club membership is eligible to enter the 2015 High School Final Competition.

2016 High School Final Competition
April 15-17, 2016
Strongsville, Ohio
Hosted by the Greater Cleveland Council of FSC
Location: OBM Arena operated by Iceland USA

The announcement for the 2016 High School Final competition can be found here.

The Team Maneuvers Roster for the 2016 High School Final Competition can be found here.

High School Teams

If you're looking for a high school team in your area, or want to start your own team, you've come to the right place. Check out our available resources on this page. If you're looking for upcoming high school competitions, use the event search engine and choose "school program."

Skating and School Are Compatible

Your U.S. Figure Skating home club is a wonderful resource. The club can help parents, skaters and coaches with many school issues. The probability is high that a skater in your school or district has already "broken the ice" with school officials. Ask questions and follow up with any lead you may have.

A complete education is a valuable asset in life. In order to coordinate school and skating here are some helpful hints: Plan in the early spring for next fall, especially when you are changing from elementary school, to middle school and to high school. School officials need you to educate them about skating and the needs of your student/athlete.

Help the school and counselors help you. Time off, schedule reorganization and physical education credit through independent study are possible only if you plan well in advance. Asking for these options after school starts creates administrative disruption and ultimately a refusal to help. Some changes take six months to a year to pass through proper channels. If your school does not allow credit for skating, there is a packet available through School Programs that is independent study for physical education. If you present this easy outline to your physical education department, it may help.

When qualifying competition (regional) applications are distributed in the fall, skaters can download the School Absence Support Letter on this page to take to your school. If the skater is intermediate and below, these letters of support can be written by your club officers.

The Graduating Seniors Program was developed to recognize the achievements of those individuals graduating from high school who have made the commitment to continue their training in figure skating while pursuing their studies. To be considered for this award, applicants must complete an online application on or before March 1 of the skater's senior year. Following the application deadline and review process by U.S. Figure Skating in late Spring, Graduating Seniors Certificates and award materials will be directly mailed to the applicant's house. At the same time, an e-mail describing the award and distinction will be sent to the listed point of contact at the athlete's school. If applicants would like to use this distinction on their college entrance applications in the fall of their senior year, they will need to contact the U.S. Figure Skating Program Director in regards to this so that other arrangements can be made.

School Programs are under the auspices of the Program Development Committee.