Theatre On Ice

What is Theatre On Ice?

Theatre On Ice (TOI) is a form of competitive figure skating that is popular in Europe, where it is known as Ballet on Ice. It combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theater and dance. Teams consist of between eight and 30 skaters. Solo skating is discouraged, but is permitted in limited amounts if it enhances the overall telling of the program's story. The programs are judged by regular U.S. Figure Skating judges and are evaluated on technical merit and presentation with emphasis on originality, costuming, artistry and musicality.

There are several TOI teams and TOI competitions around the country, and U.S. Figure Skating is making an effort to standardize and promote this discipline. Skaters, both competitive and noncompetitive, can learn and grow on a theatre team. Best of all, a team can draw club skaters together and increase club spirit.

Both skaters and clubs can experience great rewards from forming and/or joining a Theatre On Ice team. Skaters receive the following benefits:
    • More competitions when performing in competitions and shows
    • A chance to develop the dramatic side of their skating
    • A chance to be part of a team while continuing to use their technical skills
    • A chance to travel both locally and internationally
    • A chance to make new friends both in and out of the club
    • A chance to relax while performing and competing for competitive skaters

The resources will help you on your Theatre On Ice journey including a list of current teams, and an informational guide for forming a Theatre On Ice team.

The Theatre On Ice Program is under the auspices of the Theatrical Skating Committee.

2014 National Theatre On Ice Competition
June 26-28 (29*), 2014
Dearborn, Michigan
Hosted by the Dearborn Figure Skating Club

Click here (PDF) for the competition announcement. (updated 3/3/2014)

U.S. Figure Skating has selected Dearborn, Michigan as the site of the 2014 National Theatre On Ice competition. The event will be hosted by the Dearborn Figure Skating Club and will take place at the Dearborn Ice Skating Center, June 26-28 (29*), 2014.

*Please note that the competition dates are tentative and may be extended to include competition on Sunday, June 29th, based upon final entry numbers following the close of entries.

Minimum and Maximum Number of Skaters Permitted on Teams for 2013-14 Season

For the 2013-14 TOI season, the maximum number of skaters on a team has changed for some of the divisions. Senior, Junior, Novice, Adult and Preliminary teams will now consist of a minimum of 8 skaters and a maximum of 24 skaters. The Open division will remain the same, with a minimum of 8 skaters and a maximum of 20 skaters.

TOI International Seminar and Coordination Committee Meeting Notes and Summaries:

Click here (PDF) to view the meeting notes and information from the 2013 TOI International Seminar, April 26, 2013 in Logrono, Spain.

Click here (PDF) to view the TOI International Coordination Committee meeting notes and summary, April 27, 2013 in Logrono, Spain.

2014 Choreographic Exercise (CE)
For a PDF Of the 2014 CE elements definitions, click here.

Theme: Memory: Clearly demonstrating the concept of Memory as a theme throughout the piece. References can be drawn from the biological, psychological, social, cultural and historical meanings. Ex. Honoring a memory of someone (tribute), memory loss, Berlin Wall etc. *Memory must be demonstrated in purpose by the choreography, body movement, expressions and connection to the audience visually.

Choreographic Process: Retrograde/Auto-reverse: Repeating a motif, gesture, or larger sequence of body movement and skating movement in reverse order. (Utilization of ice space can also be used to accentuate the process, but must also include a sequence of movement.) *Same Retrogression as used in Synchronized skating and IJS.

Body Movement / Gesture: Suspension: A hovering/delay in space (weightlessness) before a drop of movement (swing or release) caused by gravity. Using body weight and density as it relates to Energy put into the body movement and technical skating elements with the emphasis on the delayed nature of Suspension. Ex: roller coaster; *Though suspension can be demonstrated in lifts, it must also be shown with variety of body movement by individuals and/or groups.

Upcoming events
2015 Nations Cup
The 2015 Nations Cup competition will be held in Amiens, France, April 24-26, 2015.


April 26-28, 2013
Logrono, Spain
Participating 2013 Nations Cup Theatre On Ice Teams:
Senior Teams

Los Angeles Ice Theater
Colonial Broadway Blades
ACT 1 of Boston
Harmony Theatre Company of Michigan

Junior Teams
Houston Starz Theatre On Ice
Houston Ice Theatre Skaters
Harmony Theatre Company of Michigan

Novice Teams
Space Coast Hurricanes

Adult Teams
Imagica Theatre On Ice of Boston
Space Coast Frozen Hurricanes
Harmony Theatre Company of Michigan

For a complete list of participating Nations Cup teams and officials, please click here.

Photos from 2013 Nations Cup can be found here. Photos courtesy of Kathy Slack.


June 20-22, 2013
Troy, Ohio
Hosted by the Troy Skating Club
For event results, pictures and more, click here.

June 21-23, 2012
Strongsville, Ohio
Hosted by Greater Cleveland Council of Figure Skating Clubs

Click here (PDF) for the competition announcement


April 6-10, 2011
Hyannis, Mass.

Our goal is to continue the growth of Theatre On Ice through the increased participation of Theatre On Ice teams and entrants in the National Theatre On Ice competition. If you have any suggestions on how to improve or expand the Theatre On Ice competitive experience, please notify Judy Edmunds, national vice chair for Theatre on Ice at