Basic Skills Competitions

Basic Skills Competition Mission Statement

The purpose of a Basic Skills competition is to promote a FUN, introductory, competitive experience for the beginning skater.

Basic Skills competitions are designed to promote a positive competition experience at the grass-roots level. They have proven to be a success in increasing skating participation and generating enthusiasm. A successful competition can realize a profit for your club or program, provided your competition is well planned and well organized. If the skaters have a favorable competition experience, chances are they will sign up for more lessons, which ultimately means more revenue for your club or program. It is also likely that they will enter future competitions.

Approval Procedure for Hosting a Basic Skills Competition

To improve the quality and uniformity of the Basic Skills competitions, the Basic Skills Sub-Committee requires all Basic Skills competitions to follow the guidelines as set forth in the Basic Skills Competition Manual (see Resources box above). The appointed Basic Skills representative must approve these competitions before the announcement is made public.


To request approval to host a Basic Skills competition please follow these quick and easy steps!

1. Visit the "Members Only" section.

2. Login your membership number and password information

3. Go to the "Basic Skills" section

(If you do not see the Basic Skills tab, you do not have the necessary access to upload the application. In that case, please email Susi Wehrli-McLaughlin at She will take the necessary steps to get you set up correctly. You must have this tab to upload your applications. Applications sent via email will not be approved.)

4. Click on "Approvals"

5. Under the sub section titled- Basic Skills Competition Approvals, Click "Submit new approval"

6. Type in your competition information, browse your files to find competition announcement. Click "Upload announcement".

7. An email with then be sent to your Basic Skills Competition Approver in your region.

They will then approve your document and you will receive confirmation. If there is a problem with your announcement form, your regional approval representative will contact you directly. You will then need to make the necessary changes and resubmit the announcement through the members only section.


The competition is open to ALL skaters who are eligible members of either the Basic Skills Program and/or are full members of U.S. Figure Skating. To be eligible, skaters must have submitted a membership application or be a member in good standing. Members of other organizations are eligible to compete but must register with the host Basic Skills program/club or any other Basic Skills program/club.

Eligibility will be based on skill level as of closing date of entries. All Snowplow Sam and Basic Skills skaters through Basic 8 must skate at highest level passed or one level higher, and no official U.S. Figure Skating tests may have been passed, including moves in the field or individual dances.

For Free skate 1-6, Test Track and Well Balanced levels, eligibility will be based on highest free skate test level passed. (The moves-in-the-field test will not determine a skater's competitive level.) Skaters may skate at the highest level passed OR one level higher but not both levels in the same event during the same competition.

It is very important to the success of the competition that skaters are placed in the correct levels. If, for whatever reason, the competition organizing committee discovers that a skater has been placed in an incorrect level, the chair and referee will have the option to move the skater into the proper level, even if this has to be done the day of the competition. This will ensure that every event is as fair as possible to the competitors.

For information on running a competition, please review the Basic Skills Competition Manual.