Technical Information

Welcome to the Technical Information portion of the U.S. Figure Skating website. Here you will find important information on the many technical aspects of figure skating. For easier navigation, tabs on the left side of the page will guide you to each discipline (Singles/Pairs, Ice Dancing, Synchronized Skating and Adult Skating). Within the tabs are discipline-specific technical information, ISU communications, technical panel information and judges and referees information.

U.S. Figure Skating Alerts and Technical Notifications are on a separate page.

A link to the U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook can be found in the left-side navigation of this page.

Recent Updates
  • (9/26) - ISU Communication #1899 - Synchronized Skating - Elements and Scale of Values has been posted here.
  • (9/25) - The ISU Technical Panel Handbook - Singles has been revised to reflect info from ISU Q&A #3 - Flying Spin, click here for the latest version.
  • (9/25) - The 2014-15 Singles Juvenile through Novice Calling Clarifications (Replaces USAid - Singles) has been posted here.
  • (9/25) - The 2014 Pairs Juvenile through Novice Levels of Difficulty and Spin Clarifications (Replaces USAid - Pairs) has been posted here.
  • (9/25) - The 2014-15 Synchronized Skating Costume Guidelines have been posted here.
  • (9/25) - ISU Q&A #2 - Singles - Jumps bonus with program interruption has been posted here.
  • (9/25) - ISU Q&A #3 - Singles - Flying spin clarification has been posted here.
Use of the International Judging System

The international judging system will be used at:
  • Regional and sectional championships - All qualifying levels and all disciplines
  • Synchronized sectional championships - Intermediate and above events including adult, collegiate and open junior
  • U.S. Junior Championships - All events
  • U.S. Championships - All events
  • U.S. Collegiate Championships - All events
  • U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships - Intermediate and above events including adult and collegiate
  • U.S. Adult Championships - Adult gold events and higher in the free skate (singles and pairs) and dance events, including masters open dance