Jump on It! Camp

Jump on It!: A Technical Elements Score Camp

May 13-15, 2016
Broadmoor Arena, Colorado Springs, Colo.

U.S. Figure Skating's Athlete Development Department is proud to present Jump on It!: An Athlete Development Camp for the Technical Elements Score.

This is a national training camp open to athletes who have competed in the most recent regional, sectional or U.S. championships.

This inaugural event will take place Colorado Springs, Colo., and will feature on-ice and off-ice classes designed to help competitive athletes improve their Technical Elements Score. The curriculum will focus primarily on jumps. Additional classes will feature spins, skating skills and power, sports science and understanding the technical score.

U.S. Figure Skating's Athlete Development Department is responsible for the curriculum, faculty and design of this camp. Athletes are assigned to "teams" of 7-10 skaters of similar skill and age, moving through a series of group based curriculum.

Presenters are selected for their expertise and proven record in teaching both developmental and elite athletes jumping technique. It is highly recommended that athletes are accompanied by their coach. An extensive Coaching Education program, hosted in partnership with the Professional Skaters Association (PSA) will be held in conjunction with this program.

Download the Athlete Information Package.

Registration will be in three Tiers:

Tier 1: Athletes that competed in the 2016 qualifying season, and earned at least one bonus point for a challenge jump. Registration opens February 1, 2016

Tier 2: Athletes that competed in the 2016 qualifying season in juvenile or higher. Registration opens February 8, 2016.

Tier 3: Athletes that did not compete at the 2016 regional championships, but have passed a minimum of the Juvenile FS. Registration opens February 15, 2016.

The registration deadline is April 1, 2016

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