Special Achievement Awards

The U.S. Figure Skating Special Achievement Awards are pins given to juvenile, intermediate and novice athletes to encourage performance-related markers in their programs at the Regional and Sectional Championships. Awards are only given out for the free skate event segments at the Regional Championships for singles athletes and at the Sectional Championships for pairs and dance athletes.

Awards are given out to the skater, couple or pair in each group that earns the most points for designated elements, or Program Component Score, for their level and discipline and to all skaters who earn at least one +2 or +3 Grade of Execution mark from any judge on the panel, for any element in their program.

Special Achievement Awards will be awarded in juvenile, intermediate and novice singles for the following:

  • -The skater in each group with the highest point total for spins.
  • -The skater in each group with the highest Skating Skills mark total.
  • -The skater in each group with the highest Performance Execution mark total.
  • -Every skater that earns at least one +2 Grade of Execution from any judge.
  • -Every skater that earns a jump bonus point for completing a designated challenge jump for their level.