Michelle Kwan

Born: July 7, 1980 – Torrance, California
Height: 5'2"
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Training Town: Artesia, California
Coach: Rafael Arutunian
Choreographer: Tatiana Tarasova

U.S. Team

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Competitive History
2005   Marshalls U.S. Figure Skating Challenge - 1st 1998   Goodwill Games - 1st
2005   World Championships - 4th 1998   Ultimate Four - 1st
2005   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st 1998   World Championships - 1st
2004   Marshalls World Cup - 2nd 1998   Olympic Winter Games - 2nd
2004   Campbell's Classic - 1st 1998   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st
2004   Marshalls World Figure Skating Challenge - 3rd 1997   Skate Canada - 1st
2004   World Figure Skating Championships - 3rd 1997   Skate America - 1st
2004   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st 1997   Nice 'n Easy Classic (team) - 2nd
2003   International Figue Skating Challenge - 1st 1997   Hershey's Kisses Challenge (team) - 1st
2003   Campbell's Classic - 2nd 1997   World Championships - 2nd
2003   ABC Sports International Challenge - 1st 1997   Champions Series Final - 2nd
2003   World Championships - 1st 1997   State Farm U.S. Championships - 2nd
2003   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st 1997   Japan Open - 1st
2002   Smart Ones Skate America - 1st 1996   Ultimate Four - 1st
2002   Campbell's Classic - 1st 1996   U.S. Postal Service Challenge (team) - 1st
2002   Hershey's Kisses Challenge (team) - 2nd 1996   Trophée Lalique - 1st
2002   World Championships - 2nd 1996   Skate America - 1st
2002   Olympic Winter Games - 3rd 1996   The Continents Cup - 1st
2002   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st 1996   Hershey's Kisses Challenge (team) - 1st
2002   Grand Prix Final - 2nd 1996   World Championships - 1st
2001   Hershey's Kisses Challenge (team) - 1st 1996   Champions Series Final - 1st
2001   Skate Canada - 3rd 1996   Centennial on Ice - 3rd
2001   Smart Ones Skate America - 1st 1996   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st
2001   Masters of Figure Skating - 2nd 1995   U.S. Postal Service Challenge (team) - 1st
2001   Goodwill Games - 2nd 1995   Nations Cup - 1st
2001   World Championships - 1st 1995   Skate Canada - 1st
2001   Grand Prix Final - 2nd 1995   Skate America - 1st
2001   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st 1995   Best of the Best - 2nd
2000   Canadian Open - 2nd 1995   World Team Challenge - 4th
2000   Skate Canada - 2nd 1995   Hershey's Kisses Challenge - 1st
2000   Skate America - 1st 1995   World Championships - 4th
2000   Masters of Figure Skating - 1st 1995   State Farm U.S. Championships - 2nd
2000   International Figure Skating Challenge (team) - 2nd 1994   Thrifty Car Rental International Challenge - 3rd
2000   World Championships - 1st 1994   Trophy de France - 3rd
2000   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st 1994   Skate America - 2nd
2000   Grand Prix Final - 2nd 1994   U.S. Outdoor Challenge - 1st
2000   Japan Open - 1st 1994   Goodwill Games - 2nd
1999   Hershey's Kisses USA vs. the World (team) - 1st 1994   Hershey's Kisses Pro-Am Championships - 2nd
1999   Skate Canada - 1st 1994   World Championships - 8th
1999   Skate America - 1st 1994   State Farm U.S. Championships - 2nd
1999   Masters of Figure Skating - 1st 1994   World Junior Championships - 1st
1999   Keri Lotion Figure Skating Classic (team) - 2nd 1993   Skate America - 7th
1999   Hershey's Kisses Challenge (team) - 2nd 1993   U.S. Olympic Festival - 1st
1999   World Championships - 2nd 1993   Gardena Spring Trophy - 1st
1999   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st 1993   State Farm U.S. Championships - 6th
1999   Japan Open - 1st 1993   Pacific Coast Sectional - 1st
1998   World Professional Championships - 1st 1993   Southwest Pacific Regional - 1st
1998   Masters of Figure Skating - 1st 1992   State Farm U.S. Championships, Junior - 9th
1998   U.S. Pro Classic - 1st 1992   Pacific Coast Sectional, Junior - 3rd
1998   Grand Slam of Figure Skating - 1st 1992   Southwest Pacific Regional, Junior - 1st
1998   Keri Lotion Classic - 1st 

2005-06 Season Notes
SP Music: "Totentanz"; FS Music: Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Op. 3 No. 2 by Rachmaninoff

Kwan did not compete in any major competitions this season due to injury ... She petitioned for a bye to the Olympic Winter Games, and the petition was granted ... After her first practice in Torino, she withdrew from the Games after suffering another injury ... She finished first in fan voting at the Marshalls U.S. Figure Skating Challenge in December 2005.

2004-05 Season Notes
SP Music: "Adagio" from Spartacus; FS Music: "Bolero" by Ravel.

Kwan did not compete in this year's Grand Prix Series, but she won her ninth U.S. title in January ... She finished fourth at the World Championships.

2003-04 Season Notes
Skating to music from "Tosca" by Giacomo Puccini, Kwan finished second at the Campbell's Classic in New York City to open the season ... She switched coaches in December and now trains with Rafael Arutunian ... She won the International Figure Skating Challenge Dec. 5 ... She won her seventh consecutive and eighth overall U.S. title at the 2004 State Farm U.S. Championships, earning seven 6.0 marks in the free skate for presentation ... She is using last year's "The Feeling Begins" by Peter Gabriel for the short program ... At the World Championships won her ninth medal in nine consecutive years ... In her free skate earned six perfect 6.0 marks, the most of any woman in the competition, giving her a career total of 12 at the World Championships.

2002-03 Season Notes
Kwan won her fifth World title in Washington, D.C., in March ... She won her qualifying group, then swept through the short program and free skate... Overall, she earned three perfect 6.0s for presentation in the event... She is now tied with Carol Heiss for most World titles by a U.S. skater and trails only Sonja Henie overall, who collected 10 World titles in her career... Kwan won her seventh U.S. title and sixth straight in Dallas in January... Kwan, a last minute addition to Smart Ones Skate America, claimed her seventh career and fourth straight title in Spokane ... Kwan debuted her new short program to the music "The Feeling Begins" by Peter Gabriel ... It was the second straight title for Kwan this season after winning the Campbell's International Figure Skating Classic in Daytona Beach, Fla., Oct. 5 ... Earned three 6.0s at the 2003 World Championships and one 6.0 in the free skate at the U.S. Championships ... She did not compete at the ISU Grand Prix Final (although she did qualify in the sixth spot with 12 points) ... Kwan began training with Scott Williams in the summer of 2002.

2001-02 Season Notes
With her seventh World medal in nine appearances, Kwan moved ahead of Dick Button, Carol Heiss, Hayes Jenkins and Todd Eldredge for the most World medals by a U.S. skater .., Kwan won the bronze medal at the Olympic Winter Games in February ... Kwan claimed her sixth career and fifth straight U.S. ladies title at the 2002 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 12 ... Kwan received two perfect 6.0 marks for her free skate, adding to her U.S. Championships record for most 6.0s ... Kwan claimed her third straight silver medal and fifth career medal at the 2002 ISU Grand Prix Final in Kitchener, Canada, Dec. 15 ... Kwan won her third straight and sixth career Skate America title in Colorado Springs in October — the most titles by anybody in the history of the event ... On Oct. 23, 2001 Kwan split with longtime coach Frank Carroll. Kwan and Carroll had been together since 1992.

The most decorated figure skater in U.S. history, Michelle Kwan has won an unprecedented 42 championships, including five World Championships (1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003), eight consecutive and eight overall U.S. Championship titles, (1996, 1998-2005) and two Olympic medals (silver-1998, bronze-2002) ... In the nearly 100-year history of ladies figure skating, Michelle's five World titles and nine overall world medals (five gold, three silver, 1 bronze) in nine consecutive years (1996-2004) are all marks that have been bettered only by the immortal Sonja Henie of Norway (10 titles/11 medals/11 consecutive years) ... She is the only woman in figure skating history to reclaim the World title three times (1998, 2000, 2003) ... Kwan's eight consecutive U.S. Championship titles (1998-2005) and 12 consecutive U.S. Championship medals (1994-2005) are both U.S. records ... Her nine career U.S. titles tie the legendary Maribel Vinson, who won nine titles in the 1920s-30s; and her mark of 12 U.S. medals (9 gold, 3 silver) are the most in U.S. skating history ... In her career she has received 57 perfect 6.0 marks in major competitions, the most of any U.S. skater in history, and any singles skater ever ... She has been awarded at least one 6.0 in each of her last five U.S. Championships, a U.S. record ... Her winning long and short performances at the 1998 U.S. Championships, where she received 15 perfect 6.0 marks (out of a possible 18) for artistry over the course of the event, is the most by any skater in the history of U.S. Figure Skating ... Prior to the 2001-02 season, Kwan split from longtime coach Frank Carroll ... Kwan and Carroll had been together since 1992 ... In December 2003 she began working with Rafael Arutunian.

The youngest of three children, Kwan began skating at the age of 5 after watching her older brother play hockey ... She won her first figure skating competition at age 7 ... She always wears a Chinese good luck charm around her neck that was given to her by her grandmother ... Kwan's autobiography, "Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion," was published in October 1997 and is now in its sixth printing ... Kwan serves as a national spokesperson for the Children's Miracle Network "Champions Across America" program and for Disney ... She is a seven-time recipient of SKATING magazine's Readers' Choice Award for figure skater of the year ... In 2003, the trophy that is given out for the Readers' Choice Award was renamed the "Michelle Kwan Trophy" ... Kwan signed an exclusive deal with Electronic Arts (EA Sports) to create the first interactive figure skating video game (Michelle Kwan Figure Skating) for the personal computer that debuted in the fall of 1999 ... Has claimed a record 14 USOC Sportswoman of the Month honors ... In May 2000, Kwan was named one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" by People magazine ... Her older sister Karen finished fifth at the 1996 U.S. Figure Skating Championships ... Kwan is now an aunt to Olivia Oppegard, her sister Karen's first child with husband Peter Oppegard, a three-time U.S. champion in pairs.